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Sunday, March 19, 2006 

Has Khaddam lost his mind - Khaddam accuses Palestinian MP of spying for Israel

Exiled former Syrian Vice President Abdul Halim Khaddam has made more startling revelations. He claims that a Palestinian member of the Israeli Parliament - Azmi Bishara (left) - has spied in Syria for Israel.

The staunch fighter for Palestinian rights recently broke Israeli law by travelling to Damascus for talks. Khaddam says that was to carry messages from the Israeli government. Let's ignore for a second that the Israeli government recently tried to banish Bishara from Parliament for saying that Palestinians have a right to resist occupation.

But Khaddam went further, saying that Bishara was in Syria to spy for Israel.

Bishara put that to bed: "These are nonsense comments that have no tie to reality. The timing is weird and raises amazement."

I wonder if Khaddam,s acusation of Bashara is because Bashara is christian and khaddam wants to show his Muslem Brotherhoods cridential.

Bishara has considerable Arab Nationalist credentials, he has been singing from the same page as the Syrians: "they (outside forces) are trying to destroy the Arab identity."

I heard him speak once and he downplayed religious differences between Arabs, saying something like "as if I asked to be born a Christian..."

Anyway, given what he is attempting to do, doesn't Khaddam have anything better to focus on?

It shocks me how dirty could Khaddam get. The man never fails to shock people with his sick nonsense. He managed somehow to convince himself that he is the coming saviour and the rebel who's going to save Syria. Where was all that pateriotism when he was in, sucking as much money out of the system as he and his sons can. To cut a long story short, he makes me genuinly sick. Somebody should do us all a favour and get rid of the man.

IN Syria we say that if somebody bad critisize you ,that is an indication that you are good so Bashara should be proud to be critisized by Khaddam,Muslem Arab can call the moslem or the Arab nation as their nation Christian Arabs have one nation to be proud of and that is the Arab nation,and that is the secret behind the fact that most Arab nationalist are christian Arabs.

In Damascus, they live under the trauma of Israel espionnage.

As if the Mossad needed Azmi Beshara for espionnage activiy within Syria.

They have networks in the Presidential Palace, the Army and the various Intelligence Services, this Khaddam is losing his performance with his Saudi friends.

It looks he want to shape himself a figure of Syrian Nationalism with this Israel spying news on Beshara,to give himself credibility, typical Syrian idiotic thing.

Khaddam can be as dirty as the regime he came from.I wonder where all the Baath 'saints' were when Khaddam and his sons were sucking the country dry?Were they also sucking???Where did all the million dollar villas come from?
Quote:"To cut a long story short, he makes me genuinly sick. Somebody should do us all a favour and get rid of the man. "Unquote..
Typically SYRIAN......get rid of everyone you consider a threat!Are you a BAATH too??

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