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Wednesday, February 01, 2006 

Syria agrees with US on funding for Palestinian Authority

Syria has stepped up after the US requested Arab help in funding the Palestinian Authority. Bush is threatening to cut off aid to the newly elected Hamas-government.

But he wants Arab governments to fund the authority, fearful of the chaos that might reign in the West Bank and Gaza if the Palestinian state collapses.

So which country was the first to say yes to Bush? Syria.

Syria wants to lead an Arab funding package.

Also today Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad met Hamas's political chief Khaled Mishal, who is based in Damascus. Bashar has been under pressure to expel Mishal - but it seems that pressure will drop once the international community starts dealing with Hamas as a legitimate political force.

AS allways Syria comes to the help of it,s Arab brothers God bless Arab nationalism.never expected anything less from Arab Syria and Bashar Asad.

As if Syria is able to fund itself and build its infra-structure, it sad when we jump on a bandwagon we can never keep up with, Syrian people could well benefit from these funds.

shut up !how much billions the assads and cronies have ammassed?

despite all their tragedies ,palestinians are living with more dignity and respect than the syrian subjects.

If the Syrian Goverment was really worried about Hamass getting the funds. Let its courageous men give up some of their massive fortunes to Hamass. Rather, they fish that money out of the national budget so they can get rid of some American Pressure on them. It is not for Arab nationalism, it is a way for the Americans to get out of the dilemma they have put themselves in by pretending to support 'dimocracy' and yet objecting to the democratically elected Hamas and who comes up with the solution? The helpful Syrians who can not even feed themsleves. Well done!

It is discusting the attacks that you guys make against Syria and it,s goverment it is Arab Syria who refused the presure and offered refuge to Hamas not muslem Saudi Arabia or Jordan wre Mashal hes citizenship,may be there is coruption in Syria but remember Syria has no forign debt so the coruption was more or less comision for doing buisness in Syria which beter than many of other counties actualy Syria rancked better than many Arab counties in the region ,Syria has allways did things for Arab causes even if they wre not in Syria,s interest ,i remember in 1976 when Syria intervened in Lebanon not for oil or to steal Lebanon national resourse but only to save lebanese and Palestenian lives sacrefing 14000 syrian soldjers in the process ,the win of Hamas will chang the equasion Syria and Hamas can deal with Israel from a strong position and have a just peace which will give the palestenian their right of self determination and palestenian refugees eithe retun or full compensation,Syria,s welcome of Hamas in Damscus proved a forsight the US and Israel and the corrupt Arab states like Egypt and Saudi Arabia lacked,now all Arabs and muslem should work to make Hamas succeed to prove that politecal Islam could succeed and protect minoritie in the midth and offer economic and political and legal reform which will treat all as equal and have equal rights.

In syria many currency sources were not included in syria's finance until recently.
at least 50 billions oil$ had an uknown destination...
how it's possible between 5 and 10 persons in assad familly worth billions of US dollars ?
from where jamil assad amassed 6 billions US $ and more billions for bassel assad and so the other many assads or relatives?
forget the slogans used as cover for the familly regime,the reality is a distater for syria in human,historic,civilizational, economicl areas...assad era is the worse page in syrian history.

Yes Jamil Asad and Refaat Asad and all the cronies from Khadan and Tlas to Kanaan Shehabi and Harreri they all are corupt and sould be prosecuted and their assets confiscate their and others who robbed the Syrian people but Hafez Asad and his sons never broke the laws ,they made mistakes but it was because they did not know beter and did not want to ask not because they did not care about syria or it,s people.

bashar like father is the big boss thiefs ,his mother has transfered 13 billions $ to London last year...
hafez and the dictator bashar the partner of rami are the guardian of corruption and the barbarian state.

Do you have evidence about bashr Asad assets,let me know and show me where it was written.

Syria is set to restore ties with iraq ,could that be one of the results of Iranian president visit to Syria ,i think he acheived what the US could not.

yes hama massacre it was rifaat ,the evaporated 100 billions it's rifaat,jamil,basel,fawaz,adnan ,rami and mohamad makhlouf,shaleesh,zoebi,khadam,tlass,norman.....all the baathist are thieves ...to hell syria and syrian people because only bashura and hafuza are clean.

what a silly excuse norman

Norman, since you seem to represent the government here I regret that you did not protect the embassies even though I understand the rage of Arabs faced with double standards and daily injustice. An embassy has to be protected, period.

Let's see, it's okay to riot and threaten death to those that publish cartoons but it's okay to stomp on and burn the United States (or other countries for that matter) flag? Your governments are just as corrupt as anyone else's yet you let them use you as propaganda.

Just the fact that our comments have to be anonymous shows how brutal the Syrian regime is. How could someone (like Norman) speak with such fondness of those killers when the numbers and facts speak for themseleves? Syria is worst off today than it was when those Bathist criminals took over. They destroyed the syrian society and economy. How could they help the Palastinians when the Syrian Economy is in such miserable shape. They have used the Palastinian Cause for their own reasons. How could they be good to someone else when they are not good to their people? This is just another game they're playng. They are not sinsere.

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