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Tuesday, January 31, 2006 

Kevin Sites on Syria's bloggers - welcome to Syria

If you are a first time visitor, coming from Kevin Sites' report...welcome.

American journalist Kevin Sites is posting his final report from Syria this week. He has spent a week in the country, filing video reports about some un-seen aspects of Syrian life: clubbing, the border, free-speech and blogging.

Although simplistic, his analysis has always been insightful and open-armed. It seems he is trying to show the world the real face of Syria. And he has done a very good job.

I will continue to support exciting journalistic experiments like Sites'. He has also filed a series of reports from Lebanon - and he'll be travelling to a number of other 'Hot Zones' during his year-long expedition.

In the meantime, he's always welcome back in Syria.

Note: he has linked to four Syrian blogs in his article on blogging - including this one. If you are a first time visitor to this site...welcome. Ayman has a comprehensive list of Syria's blogosphere here.

Bloggers of Syria,

My name is David, I’m an American student at the University of Marquette. I wish to comment on a lot of the blogs i’ve been reading on your sites.

I am truly troubled on the way some Syrians think about the US. We only receive the news about you and your respected country. NO ONE thinks that your country is a group of terrorists or primitive people. There is no great discussion about the way you people run your country nor the people in it. Quite frankly we don’t know too much about your country nor do we wish ill-will towards you.

Being a student of foreign affairs I think that most of the bloggers are miss-informed about the way the US citizens think about Syrians. All I ever seem to read about Syrian bloggers, is that the US think Syrians are primitive people and that the US wants to take it over and spread democracy. That notion is a greatly miss-informed conception on the part of Syrain bloggers.

You must understand the US before you critique us! We are a country of MANY diverse cultures. These cultures have many thoughts and ideas of the proper way to live life. We are not one nation, one people with a direct root to living properly! Many of us think differently and have different outlooks on life as well as other countries. YOU cannot judge us as a “whole.”

My point is: we don’t think of trying to take over Syria and spreading Capitalism; we wish only to see the people of Syria as other countries live a equal and opportunistic, egalitarian life-style. Most people in the US want to see all countries achieve success and happiness.

These are not just words, they are a reality. I would love further discussion with any people who would like to hold a serious and respectable conversation.

Thank you.


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I have to agree with David.
One of the international perceptions of the U.S. that I experienced in Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Palestine, and Iraq is that of an zealous, self-righteous, arrogant nation. Fortunately this is not a universal belief about us.
Frankly I think this perception is a creation of our own media as our political parties vye for power by challenging each others actions.
I am certainly not saying that we don't have various parts of society that display those elements of character, however the predominant components of the American value system is of opportunity, freedom, humanity, and self expression.

Syrian Bloggers now have a planet, it is still in raw state, but the aggregator is working well. And this blog is included indeed.

here is the address:

David you are right the US is the best country i have ever seen it is to me the promised land ,what makes this country great is the economic ,legal and politecal systems that are in this country,the American people are the most jenourous people in the wourld they are the most compationate and have the most noble intentions ,the problem is that our govonment is leading in a wrong direction to help other countries ,do you realy think that other countries do not want to improve ,the problem is our approch to helping others hitting the wrong nerve and making us hated in the wourld decreasing our exports and increasing our budget defficit,yes i am American who came from Syria so i know the misinformation that the American media tells about syria ,Syria wants to improve but does not want the Iraqi or the Aghgani style,i hope this note will assure you Syrian do not like any people more than the American people but they do not like the American policy,and that is giving you the wrong impretion.

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