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Tuesday, December 13, 2005 

Tueni killing - is Syria being framed?

Jubran Tueni was killed today by a previously unknown group - 'Strugglers for the Unity and Freedom of the Levant'. Their statement said that he was killed because he was one of the 'enemies of Arabism in Lebanon'.

That is sure to point the finger at Syria. But why - if you are Syria - leave such a huge fingerprint? You might as well say 'he was killed because he was an enemy of Bashar'.

Bashar's recent speech was laden with references to 'Arabism', and it seems today's claim of responsibility is a direct and very obvious attempt to lay the finger of blame at Syria's door.

apparently Tweeny came to Lebanon the night before he was killed ,Jajaa aparently talked on the phone to Tweeny few hours before his death so propably he was the last one to talk to him and propably knew he was going to work in the morning traveling on the road that he often uses,one more thing i do not think that Tweeny tells Syria or any Syrian of his movment and arrival to Lebanon,the people who are the closest to Tweeny are the most familier with his movment and are the most likely suspects.

I think that is why they call it inteligence Norm.

You're brilliant Norm, just like your regime.

logic seems to hit a nerve for some people.they like acusation without evidence.

Hehehe norman, good one!

Also I can confirm that his wife was at home when he left (10 minutes before the explosion) and she was the last person to see him alive, she most certainly knew he has just left home to go to work using the road he often uses, I -just like you- think the people close to him should be the first suspects regardless if they are relatives to him, political allies or personnal friends.
I wish the Syria moukhabarat were still in Lbeanon to be able to interrogate her and get a confession out of her in 5 minutes.

Forgive me for staying anonymous, I am afraid people -who will miss the sarcasm- and forever ridicule me if they think this is what I call logic.

I admire your courage though :-) You graet Joker you ...


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