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Wednesday, December 14, 2005 

Lebanon mourns and unites again

Thousands took to Lebanon's streets. The sea of red and white once again painting the city of Beirut.

Jubran Tueni was buried today.

The far-right politician and editor of An-Nahar was killed on Monday as his car passed East of Beirut.

The mourners shouted anti-Syrian slogans, calling for Lahoud to quit, but Jubran's father Ghassan called for calm: " call on this occasion not for revenge or hatred but for us to bury with Gibran all our hatreds and to call on all Lebanese, Muslims and Christians, to unite in the service of great Lebanon and its Arab cause," he said, invoking the Arabism that the family's newspaper fought against.

Jubran and Ghassan backed Michel Aoun's murderous coup attempt in 1990, and fled with him to Paris after thousands of Lebanese had died at the end of Aoun's guns.

Pro-Syrian Parliamentary Speaker, the country's most important Shia, said of Tueni: "The glory is yours."

Hizbollah Parliamentary leader Mohammed Raad also came out in support of his political enemy: Yours was a "courageous word and uncompromising position," he said.

> invoking the Arabism that the
> family's newspaper fought against

You mean Ghassan tweini (through the newspaper) fought against Arabism? or is that just a typo ?

Aoun was not attempting a "coup" in 1990 like you describe it. He was legitimately appointed Prime Minister, by the Lebanese president at the time of the appointment, Amine Gemayel, and was thus in legitimate command of the lebanese army.


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