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Wednesday, November 02, 2005 

Syria frees more political prisoners

Syria has freed 190 more political prisoners. It comes just two days after a scathing UN resolution. One of those freed was the final remaining member of the Al-Attasi forum, who had been jailed in May for reading out a statement by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Arab Organisation for Human Rights in Syria's spokesman, Ammar Qurabi, says "this move gains the government more popularity and consolidates national unity in the face of the dangers facing Syria." Ammar has in the past been incredibly critical of Bashar.

Today's move seems to have been pushed by Bashar personally, against the dissent-hating old guard.

One of those freed was the leader of the Arab Organisation for Human Rights in Syria.

it's not a new masquerade....paradoxically today there are more political prisoners than 5 yeas ago...In number >Out number.
the most important case is that of the missing syrians...kidnapped in the street by the moukhabarat.their number is far over the 15000 ,some of them since the beginning of the 70's.
thousands and thousands of syrians suffering because of the unknown fate of their missing sons.
No regime in the world hate more it's people than this regime.

Amnesty International estimates 600 political prisoners remain in Syria.

Egypt still has between 50,000 and 100,000.

It's not comparable at all,few political prisoners in Egypt remain imprisoned more than 1 or 2 years ,most of them are related to recent incidents. even during the big crisis,the egyptian army never bombed and razed the cities and killed 40 000 civilians in 10 days or the 1000 in one hour.
There are may be between 700 and 2000 known syrian political prisoners because arrested from their houses or with known fate but the same sources says that there is 19 000 missing syrians,kidnapped or killed,their families even dare to ask after them and suffer in silence.
Such level of atrocity can only be explained because of the culture of hatred from this clan in power toward the syrian people and there is no parallel in the other cursed arab dictatorial regimes.This cowardly baathi method to cite mistakes of others to mask their economical and political crimes is grotesque and stink.
Be honest ,the Dakhlallah's arguments and equivalents are ridiculous or not?
This regime is an insult to Syria's history and culture.

I do not know where some people get their information ,do they think that the Syrian people are cowerds ,with all these people missing or killed why don,t we see people in the streets calling for the death of the Baath party ,let me tell why it is because these are all lies Syria needs to improve but Syria is better than many other countries corruption is not as bad as many other countries and Syria has no forign debt most people who left Syria did not leave because of politcal persecution but for economic reasons what Bashar did today is a good start but he should move rapidly on two fronts one is to release the parties law making starting a party legal and start a sencess in the country ,give all syrians who love their country cittezen and plan local election next june ,that will get everybody excited and work toward winning the coming elections ,second Syria should prepare at the same time for economic sanction and miletery attack coming no matter what the truth about Hareeri,s assasenation,so syria should prepare for a gorolla warfare and arm the population for that.

نطالب بإقفال ملف الإعتقال السياسي ، والكشف عن مصير كافة المفقودين

علق المتحدث الرسمي باسم اللجنة السورية لحقوق الإنسان على المرسوم الذي أصدره الرئيس بشار الأسد والقاضي بإطلاق سراح 190 سجيناً سياسياً، اليوم الأربعاء 2/11/2005 بأن المطلوب الآن وبصورة عاجلة إطلاق سراح كافة المعتقلين السياسيين وسجناء الرأي والضمير في سورية، وإغلاق ملف الاعتقال السياسي بشكل نهائي، والكشف عن مصير زهاء 17000 معتقل سياسي اختفوا في السجون والمعتقلات السورية على مدى ربع قرن ، وإلغاء القانون 49لعام 1980 الذي يحاكم بموجبه عشرات المواطنين حالياً، وإلغاء محكمة أمن الدولة الاستثنائية التي تحاكم حالياً عشرات المواطنين بشكل تعسفي ، والسماح بعودة عشرات آلاف المنفيين القسريين والطوعيين الذين اضطرتهم السلطات السورية للبقاء في المنفى عشرات السنين.

ودعا المتحدث الرئيس بشار الأسد إلى إنهاء هذه الملفات الإنسانية العالقة فوراً وبدون أي إبطاء، إذا كان يريد تلطيف الاحتقان المزمن الذي يعاني منه المجتمع السوري منذ عشرات السنين، فلقد تجاوزت سنوات سجن بعض المعتقلين 27 عاماً حتى الآن، واعتقل بعضهم رهائن عن أقاربهم وبعضهم لا يعرفون لماذا اعتقلوا، ونشأ جيل كامل من الأبناء لا يعلم عن آبائه المعتقلين والمفقودين خبراً، وتعاملت أجهزة الأمن بصورة لاإنسانية مع مجرد الاستفسار عن المعتقلين السياسيين.

وختم المتحدث تعليقه بدعوة الرئيس السوري إلى عدم التعامل بالتقسيط مع الملف الإنساني، فحساسيته الفائقة على أرض الواقع أكبر تأثيراً من حسابات الضغوط الخارجية التي تتعامل السلطة معها. وتذكر اللجنة بأن خمس سنوات ونصف على رئاسة بشار الأسد لم تسفر إلا عن مزيد من الاعتقالات وتفعيل غير مسبوق لمحكمة أمن الدولة الاستثنائية غير القانونية وللقانون 49 لعام 1980.

اللجنة السورية لحقوق الإنسان
2 /11/2205

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