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Friday, October 21, 2005 

URGENT: Mehlis report does not name Syrian officials

Detlev Mehlis, the UN investigator, has not named any Syrian officials for the murder of Rafiq Al-Hariri.

But he did blame 'Syrian and Lebanese elements'.

He said the act "could not have been taken without the approval of a top-ranked Syrian security official and could not have been further organised without the collusion of their counterparts in the Lebanese security services".

Worryingly, he accused the Syrian government of trying to mislead the investigation. He says Foreign Minister Farouq Ash-Sharaa lied in a letter to the investigation.

But no Syrian official has been implicated - the worry was that a figure close to the President would be blamed, implicating the President. Mehlis found no evidence that Bashar or any of his inner circle were to blame.

But the report will provide ample ammunition to those who want to cripple Syria with sanctions.

One commentator said, Mehlis didn't please anyone.

Mehlis has now turned the investigation over to Lebanese officials. He did not call for a renewal of his mandate, but said a lot of work still needs to be done.

By blaming 'Syrian and Lebanese elements' this keeps the issue open-ended and serves as a blank cheque for the puppetmasters of the UN to do whatever they like against Syria and possibly even Lebanon!

I believe in the integrity of the indiviuals in the UN coming from countries where democracy and freedom is established. I can not believe in Kofi Anan or anyone in the UN that has not served in a freedom loving country.

The UN has a chequered history vis-a-vis the Muslims. The UN dominated by the 'permanent members' who also happen to be the official countries with nuclear weapons always have their own agenda!
The UN's duplicity can be observed by the following notable events:

1. Its 'partitioning' of historical Palestine into Israel and a rump Palestine WITHOUT consulting the indiginous Arab population, thus sowing the discord for the future in a strategisally inportant area. So much for democracy and human rights of the Palestinians!

2. Its abject failure in getting Israel to implement various UN resolutions that call for an end to occupation of the West Bank, Gaza, the Golan Heights etc.

3. Its complete failure in getting India to carry out a free and fair referendum on the issue of Kashmir, so that the Kashmiri people can exercise their democratic right and decide their future!

4. The failure of the UN protection forces to protect the Bosnian Muslim civilians from Serb and Croat forces in the Balkan wars of the 1990s, especially atrocities and massacres like Srebrenica!

The above examples can be contrasted with bombing Iraq and Afghanistan for failing to abide by UN resolutions.

And also organising a free and fair referendum in East Timor so that the Timorese people could decide whether they wanted to be independent or be part of Indonesia!

Syria was THE kingmaker and powerbroker in Lebanon for the last 3 decades or so. Does anybody seriously believe that the Syrians would assassinate Rafiq al-Hariri and lose all the power and influence that they have slowly built up? Surely Syria has lost a lot by this event and only those who are hostile to Syria and more importantly to Arabs and Muslims stand to gain tactically and strategically by this assasssination.

That does not mean that the Syrian regime is good either - they must realise that Ba'aathism, Socialism are fossilised ideologies as is an Orwellian secret police state where 15 different sections of the istikhabarat compete with each other to spy and scrutinise the ordinary people!

Few points-1- (syria security service to blame because it could not have happend without their knowledg ),ironic ,i guess the 9/11/2001 attack could not have happened under the nose of the most powefull nation on earth without the knowledg of the CIA.2-if economic sanction is to happen against Syria Lebanon,the US ,France and Jordon should know that syria will retaliat by sanction against them by closing the boarder with Lebanon jordon and Iraq fo land transport,stop suplying water to jordon with minimal fees and stop supling Lebanon with electricity and gas,Syria is being attacked for it,s arabic stand with the palestenians and the lebanese and the iraqi resistant against placing the palestenian in lebanon or syria without return to their homes ,le every arab know that they destroye the abbassi kalefa in iraq and now they are moving to destroy the Ommayad one ,it is time for Syria to call it as it sees it an attack on arab natonalism and for help from all arabs and moslem supporters,not Goverment as there is no Arab goverments.

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