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Thursday, October 27, 2005 

UN warns Syria over arms smugglers at Syria-Lebanon border

Syria's border with Lebanon is too open, according to Kofi Annan.

Syria's being blamed for the flow of guns into Palestinian camps in Lebanon which has fuelled the recent gun-violence. The news comes just months after the UN blamed Syria for closing the border.

But Syria has admitted there is a problem: The government of Syria has informed me that the smuggling of arms and people across the Syrian-Lebanese border does indeed take place, albeit in both directions," Annan said, referring to the cache of weapons found in Damascus and other places at terrorist safe-houses, run by Jund Ash-Sham.

Lebanon's Prime Minister Fuad Siniora, has responded to Kofi Annan, saying that it will do its bit to protect the border. they say they've caught a number of Palestinians with Syrian identity cards - it's not clear what Lebanon has done to those men.

Annan made the statements after a report on the fulfilment of UN Security Council Resolution 1559 - which called for Syrian troops to leave Lebanon. He said that although the Resolution had been complied with by Syria, the Lebanese government has not fully extended its authority to the South - referring to the power of Hizbollah along the Israeli border. He also criticised Hizbollah's armed status, as well as the weapons still remaining in the Palestinian camps in Lebanon.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese army encircled military bases run by Palestinian fighters. They've set up checkpoints at Sultan Yacoub, where Palestinians have dug into the hills of the Bekka Valley right through the border into Syria to evade the Syrian and Lebanese border police.

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