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Wednesday, October 12, 2005 

Syria's Interior Minister, Ghazi Kanaan, commits suicide

Ghazi Kanaan killed himself this morning.

Here's the official statement: "Interior Minister Brig Gen Ghazi Kanaan committed suicide in his office before noon".

Hours earlier he contacted a Lebanese radio station 'The Vocie of Lebanon', to make a final statement. He said: "I want to make clear that our relation with our brothers in Lebanon was based on love and mutual respect... We have served Lebanon's interest with honour and honesty".

He was questioned last month by UN investigators into his role in the murder of Rafiq Al-Hariri. The investigators were invited into Damascus, and allowed to interview Kanaan - it's not clear how much Kanaan himself was willing to be interviewed.

Kanaan controlled Lebanon on behalf of Syria for decades. His suicide comes less than two weeks before the UN report into the Hariri murder is published. Syria was widely expected to present Kanaan to an international tribunal if he was implicated.

As I predicted as far as September 12, Ghazi Kanaaan would be sacrifised in the old Syrian "suicide" death, Mukhabarat style:

http://syrianistician.blogspot.com/2005/09/monday-morning-odms-eternal-nemesis.html (towards the end of post)

"-Syria can better handle the situation by making up evidence that Ghazi Kanaan ordered Harriri killed, show it to international community, and then assassinate Kanaan in his house, with an Absolute Vodka bottle next to him and a suicide letter, with a glock in his hand. Perfect suicide."

well.. kannan did it all on his own come on .. Syrians and lebanese were brothers and the government had nothing to do with this

Well I hopoe kanaan is dead he was a bad man but .. the goernment had absolutely nothing to do with his death he killed himself .. he was terrified to face the consequences

A fitting end to an evil man who is directly and indirectly responsible for thousands of deaths and tortures of various people! God alone knows how many people 'dispappeared' because of his directions!
This is the best way he could have ended his life and in Ramadan as well! I hope he is enljoying himself in the barzakh!

Sasa, if you go on CNN, there is an interview with Bashar al-Assad. An Actual video.

Go to Syrian comment for some added theories about why he died; the radio broadcast does not mean anything. He may have meant to say, this is the last thing I am going to declare about the matter.

we, the Syrian people, are never sorry for him. He and the other gang memebers have bribed, killed and corrutped our country

my name is Inigo Montoya he kill my faja. left many to weep. we no weep for him.

Syrian military and security forces are on the highest alert in the mountain strongholds of the ruling Alawi clans east of Latakia

October 14, 2005, 1:17 PM (GMT+02:00)

They are braced for a vendetta within the Alawi community of which President Bashar Assad and his supporters are leading members. They fear that at least two clans may reject the official claim that interior minister Ghazi Kenaan died by his own hand Wednesday and seek revenge.

Assad had thought to appoint Kenaan’s successor - most likely a former interior minister Hassan Harabe – without delay. He was deterred by a warning that he could no longer rely on the loyalty of the security and intelligence services ruled by the dead minister.

There has been speculation in Washington and Damascus that the Assad may have made former Lebanon strongman and pillar of his regime the scapegoat should the UN Hariri investigators point the finger at top Syrian circles when their report comes out on Oct. 21.

Syria observers report that the last high Syrian military alert occurred in 2000 towards the end of Bashar’s father president Hafez Assad term when prime minister Mahmoud Zouaby, a Sunni, killed himself after he was imprisoned on corruption charges. The only time before that was in 1968 when Syrian military intelligence chief Gen. Abndel Karim al Jundi, an Ismaili, committed suicide.

hazi kanaan is kille he killed so many of my fammily in syria i hope this the start of end of dectatorship

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