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Sunday, October 16, 2005 

6 days until the verdict

Detlev Mehlis will finally publish his report into the murder of former Lebanese PM Rafiq Al-Hariri this Friday.

The streets of Damascus will echo with the sounds of radio news this Friday.

I remember walking through Souq Al-Jumaa on the first day after the start of the Iraq War. Damascus was visibly tense. Taxis stopped playing their music, shops re-tuned their radios. This Friday will be another Friday 21 March 2003.

Wondering whether war was about to spread into Syria, wondering whether the normality and banality of life was about to end.

Souq Al-Jumaa has never felt the same since.

I believe that nothing upsetting to the general populace will occur. Oh, I'm sure the big Bassar will be upset, but I don't think he is going to throw a giant hissie-fit. And I predict that Beirut will be calm for the average citizen.

So just cool it and enjoy the week!


whatever the report says syria should insist on prosecuting Syrian in Syria as the murder of Hareri and prosecuting the suspects is more important to syria than anybody else,

norman,to hell with kanaan and this regime of rapists and killers.no one in syria will die for this damned regime.
go shout bil roh bil dam in hell.

cool down annon just remember Syria is more importat than indiveduals,i say with YOUR rohh and dum nafdeek ya Bashar.

Bil ruh, bil dam nafdeek yaa Islaam! Death to the Ba'athists & the Baatineeyah - your time is up! You had your chance and you completely messed it up. You hijacked Arab nationalism, the nakbah and the Palestinians for your own selfish political purposes to fool the ordinary people! But now people are not as naive as they used to be because they have internet, email, satellite tv etc. and see through your rotten lies!

The syrian regime and Israel share the same hatred toward the syrian people.That explain why Israel is the best security for the regime and the opposite is also true.

the Baath party stands for UNITY ,FREEDOM,SOCIALISM ,Iagree that socialism failed but the Baath party was never intended to be socialist like the communism but intended to social democrat as you may know the Baath party was establis many years befor 1963 ,ONE ARAB NATION WITH ETERNAL MISSION ,now tell me which part of the Baath party prinsibles you disagree with,i can admit that many of the syrian who joint the Baath party did for personal gains not for beleive in it,s pinsibles ,many mistakes happend during the last fourty years not because they did not want to improve but they did not how and did not want to seek help thinking that they should reinvent the wheel otherwise will not be made in syria the lack of democracy even in the party made it difficult for young minds to succeed ,so the problem is not the Baath party but the syrians who joined the Baath party.

asad used al baath and arab nationalism as cover ..in reality it's a treacherous fearful sectarian regime.

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