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Wednesday, September 14, 2005 

Bush tells Syria not to interfere in Iraq - Rice interferes in UN Hariri Investigation

"Syrian security officials got entangled in the murder of Prime Minister Hariri." Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice gives her own judgement of what the Mehlis Investigation must say.

That's in direct contradiction to the UN investigator Detlev Mehlis's statement that "there are no Syrian suspects." He hasn't even started to interview in Syria.

But since when did the US care about UN procedures.

Rice accused Syria of trying to economically 'strangle' Lebanon (she didn't mention how - but that doesn't really matter) - but made no mention of her attempts to economically 'strangle' Syria with yet more sanctions.

I think Asad should show up in NY in a surprised visit and adress the UN then return to Syria immediatly afterword that will shock everybody and will have more publicity than a planed visit.

The rats are attempting to both flee the sinking ship and take over the helm at the same time. , there is a palpable sense inside knowledgeable Syrian circles that elements of the Assad clan and intelligence apparatus have already initiated plans to replace Assad II--now essentially caricatured as a fledgling amateur with little to no credibility.

As a serious implosion is likely imminent, there is greater impetus now more than ever to actively engage the regime and remnants of the regime to forestall an even more percipitous freefall into reactionary and nationally damaging measures from taking hold in Syria.

Al Seyassah, an independent Kuwaiti newspaper, reported on September 12 that confidential sources said Syrian President Bashar Assad has received offers from Arab and GCC countries to host him in any place he wants in return for resigning his post.

The newspaper added that the sources confirmed there were several trails of evidence surfacing in Syria which support the belief that the current Syrian regime has entered a "countdown" stage. Al Seyassah continued that "sources said Assad's request to Arab presidents to defend his policies in the international summit was refused, causing him disappointment". Al Seyassah also reported that "sources said that Abdel Halim Khaddam, the current Syrian vice-president, who is now in Paris, is contemplating remaining in the French capital to avoid the conflicts happening in Syria.

He will not return until changes within the Syrian regime occur, which he is expecting [will occur] soon"Al Seyassah added that its sources confirmed a conflict is ongoing between Assad - and his brother Maher - with their brother-in-law Asef Shawkat, who is head of Syria's intelligence apparatus. Al Seyassah reported that Shawkat has addressed letters to Paris and Washington revealing "the truth" behind the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, in return for certain guarantees of holding a position in the new Syrian regime. - Al Seyassah, Kuwait

Journalists who conceal the identity of their sources only do so as a last resort.

As-Siyassiyah refers to "confidential sources" in every story about Syria. What's more, look at the article above and spot one occasion where they identify a source.

In EVERY paragraph they refer to their secret sources. And that's why As-Siyassiyah has zero credibility. Most, if not all, of their trash comes from the imagination of their editor - a vehimentally anti-Syrian.

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