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Thursday, August 04, 2005 

CIA knows who carried out the 1983 US Marines bombing in Beirut


That's according to former CIA agent turned whistleblower Robert Baer. In a British documentary 'The Cult of the Suicide Bomber', Baer carried out an investigation into the phenomenon of suicide bombings during the 20 year Israeli occupation of Lebanon.

23 October 1983: 241 American Marines are killed in the most powerful non-nuclear explosion since the Second World War.

Baer was a CIA agent in the American Embassy in Beirut in the 80s when 2 suicide bombs attacked the embassy.

He visited the head of Lebanon's Military Intelligence. Why, Baer asked, did no group claim responsibility for the barracks bombing? Because the country that was responsible doesn't want it to be known, the General replied. So you are blaming a country? I didn't say that, said the General. Can you tell me which country was responsible, Baer asked. I don't have that right, the head of Lebanon's Military Intelligence said.

The fluent Arabic speaker revealed that just before he left the CIA he found secret documents. They said that weeks before the American Embassy bombing, there was evidence that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard was in contact with Lebanese groups with the capability and willingness to bomb the American Embassy,

I would very much appreciate it if you post the actual articles your words come from.

BTW, you're doing a good job.

No problem Canadian - I'll start doing that. Welcome to the Syrian News Wire!

This wasn't from an article but from a TV documentary which was broadcast in Britain called 'The Cult of the Suicide Bomber'.

canadian... it's in the second line of the post!!

Do Syrians like Iran at this moment?

There are lots of tourists from Iran, because of Syria's amazing collection of holy sites.

Do Syrians like Iran? They're not threatening Syria. But I think everyone will be worried if Iran is Syria's only friend!

"Anonymous said...
canadian... it's in the second line of the post!!"

I was talking about everything that is posted, not just this article.

I hear that Syria and Iran formed a military alliance some while back. Do you think that it would be effective or even materialize?

They were allies long before they announced it to the world. And yes, I do believe it would be put into play of one of the countries were attacked.

American syrian :I like your comments canadian.

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