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Sunday, July 31, 2005 

Lebanon bombs: evidence found

The bombs used to kill George Hawi and Samie Qasir were very similar to the bombs which killed members of Hizbollah two years ago, according to Al Balad.

Is there a connection? And does it suggest that the same people who assasinated members of Hizbollah are behind the current bombing campaign?

Two years ago jihad Jibrail and two of Hizbollah's military cadres were blown up in Beirut bombs.

Who do you think did it then?

Yhe only enemy to hizballa and the palestenians(ISRAEL).

This does make a sense actually!

once again, if all else fails...blame the southern neighbor....this is what keeps the entire Arab world in the 7th century....utterly amazing. don't you see that this is WHAT YOUR LEADERS WANT? Always looking for the "zionist enemy" to be the scapegoat for YOUR internal challenges/problems/issues?

This is sadly funny.

but, in reality its not funny at all, its an indictment of Syrian societies lack of vision/introspection and acceptance that it can/and has done bad things to it's citizens and neighbors.....

but, you cant see it - cause your stuck....and it looks like willingly stuck in your shortsightedness.

Apparently the Syrians hit a nerv when they blamed Israel to have such a respons ,the truth hurts and our suthern naighber has only more acusation.i gues syria support to the palestenians and the Lebanese is driving them crasy.GOD BLESS SYRIA.

Al-Balad is a Lebanese newspaper and it is NOT pro-Syrian, right?

Same old garbage of blaming someone else...before any real investigation determines the culprit.An impossible work to be done under a dictatorship such as the arab nation.(all arab nations)
And despite the fact that most terrorist acts today will be attemoted by muslims/arabs, the Umma feels oh-so-offended if someone pointed the finger to it.
Cursed be the ignorants.

You poor arab/muslims need to learn how to think before speaking.

Well just want to say learn: learn your history before accusing anybody. Syria always consider lebanon as a simple city under her authority. Anyone that wants a free independant Lebanon has paid the price. The list is very long and unfortunatly syrian's terrorist has not finished their job.

Why are there stupid Zionists reading this blog? Fuck off.

My sentiments exactly.

Syria has always used the sionist thing to get what ever she wants from lebanon

And Zionists have always used the holocaust to get what they want from the world.

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