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Friday, June 17, 2005 

Welcome Back

After a week and a half, the Syrian News Wire is ready to go!

I've been embedded with the US/UK Navy, making some enemies with the reports I was filing. Unfortuantely I wasn't able to file to the Syrian News Wire - I sent some by mobile phone (that explains the typo's and 'Yahoo Mail' blurb), but phone use was restricted.

That means the Syrian News Wire is due an update on the Conference - what does it mean, what are its implications.

And a digest of events over the past fortnight. Exciting times.

That'll be up soon. In the meantime, thank you for your comments. And yes, I do feel sea-sick.

EMBEDDED ? Where ? In Iraq ?
Tell us more dear Sasa

No, not in Iraq, it was during their fleet training period - far away from Iraq. I have a new respect for embedded reporters.

They were simulating a war, and I was reporting on it - but I was also reporting on the exercise as a whole, and life in the Navy. I was told a few things which the Navy might not be happy with.

It's incredible how they were able to control the news (with varying degrees of success). We had an utterly slanted view of the 'war', even with my cynical outlook on it.

They were using us to learn how the media works, and what kind of questions we ask. I was using them to peek deep inside the British and American Navys.

From the few days I was there, it's clear to see why the Americans have killed far more Iraqis than the British - and why they've lost more troops too. There is an ocean of difference between the two militaries - it's like comparing the West to a developing country.

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