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Thursday, June 30, 2005 

Lebanon's new Prime Minister: Fuad Siniora

Fuad Siniora, a former finance minister under Rafiq Al-Hariri, is expected to be announced as the country's new Prime Minister soon. He received the support of Saad Al-Hariri's Future coalition, which have a majority in Parliament.

Today's news confirms expectations that inexperienced Saad will not run for PM just yet. But it also raises fears that the Hariri empire's first concern is the cash: Fuad was Finance Minister under Rafiq Al-Hariri - the Prime Minister who was claimed to be Lebanon's most corrupt ever. He raised over $30 billion debt, and served the rich while starving the poor. Given that much of Future's support came from the Gucci marchers, will anything change now?

In other news, a Hizbollah fighter was killed this morning by Israel, in a tit-for-tat murder. Yesterday Israeli troops allegedly made incursions into Lebanon, provoking Hizbollah to fire on the Occupied Sheba Farms, killing an Israeli fighter.

"He raised over $30 billion debt, and served the rich while starving the poor."
When you see such a simplistic statement you know that you're reading propaganda.
Do your homework. I dont have solid numbers but I believe Hariri was the most philantropic politician, he built several hospitals, schools and other caritiative organistation all from his personal fortune.
I'm not saying the guy is perfect, but I just want to tell you before making such allegations as "the most corrupt politician" and "served the rich while starving the poor" you should do some homework and get some facts, unless you're just relaying your gouvernement's speech, in which case we'd know that we're reading syrian propaganda and not loose to much time thinking about it and commenting it.

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