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Thursday, March 17, 2005 

15000 Christian Lebanese still armed

A Christian militia member in Hanayna, Lebanon has claimed that 15,000 are armed and ready to fight. Overnight he's destroyed the commonly held perception that Hizbollah is the only Lebanese militia still left.

The man, who spoke under condition of anonymity to the BBC, revealed part of their arms cache.

He said they would not kill Lebanese, but would be willing to fight the Palestinians. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians live in Lebanon's refugee camps, and he blamed them for starting the fighting during the Civil War.

In Damascus, meanwhile, reporter Tim Whewell spoke to Ammar Abdulhamid (Damascene rent-a-dissident) and made an interesting revelation. The only reason Ammar can speak freely, he claimed, and the only reason Western journalists can work freely, is because all eyes are on Damascus right now.

Ammar has a very interesting plan for Syrian reform today. He says the French and US should be involved in high level secret diplomacy to sell their plan for Syria. Syria's very own reformer-in-residence Bashar Al-Assad would then announce the plan and be supported in this 'brave move' by Chriac and Bush. Bashar recieves a promise of peace talks with Israel in return (to talk about getting the Occupied Golan Heights back). Bashar emerges as the greatest hero since Saluhadin, free elections are held and Bashar wins a landslide.

Syria develops, and Bush is placated. The American Air Force saves those expensive bombs, and Syrians don't die.

Thumbs up from me! But two reasons this wont happen until 2008: George War Bush, and Syria's old guard.

In other news, Turkey and America have avoided a diplomatic row over Syria. Turkey was the latest victim of American Embassies meddling in domestic affairs of other countries. The Ambassador 'suggested' that Turkey's Foreign Minister shouldn't visit Damascus (wasn't Colin Powell in Syria two years ago?). But he quickly retracted that statement when it became clear that Turkey, unlike most parts of the Middle East, hasn't been colonised yet.

Last year the US Ambassador to Beirut met the opposition and urged that government to carry out his wishes.

Actually, Turkey hasn't been re-civilized yet. It fell back into warlord rule papered over with fixed elections and on-again off-again religiosity some time ago. Even the slackadaisical EU can't quite stomach its human rights record.

Turkey is afraid of Iraq showing up its democracy for being an unclothed fraud, and even worse would be a few more countries following suit.

And if I were a Christian in Lebanon, I'd damn well have a few guns tucked away to haul out if Hezbullah started throwing its weight around, too.

I think there's a lot to be said about how 'democratic' the Iraqi elections were. As one American analyst described it, it's a 'neo-colonial democracy'. Have a look at that article, it's very enlightening.

The point about the militias in Lebanon is that Hizbollah ended violence against Lebanese 15 years ago. They have repeatedly said they would not attack another Lebanese. They are only armed to liberate Lebanese land from Israeli occupation. The Christian militia, however, said they would be more than willing to use their arms.

The Syrian presence in Lebanon has kept these militias in check. Who else could have held Jumblatt's forces quiet, or the Shia'a militants, or the Christians.

I guess you really don't get it. President Bush is still misunderstood by most of the World including much of the United States population(See Blue States map). This man is a Redneck pure and simple. It would be wise for all to understand and get acquainted with the term. Only then can you understand the man.
Democracies have NEVER gone to war with each other. Never. Afghanistan is a country that is over 5,000 years old and just now had it's first Democratic Election. FIRST EVER.
Iraq has had it's first real election in 50 years.
Palestine, which still doesn't even have it's own country yet has had a Democratic Election.
Turkey is one step above most of the rest of the Middle-East excluding the forementioned countries.
Egypt and Saudia Arabia have just now started to relax it's oppressive hold on it's population and began the process of quasi free elections, much like Turkey.
These reforms have come as a result of: (1) The populus demanding the same freedoms as those of their Palestinian brethren who still don't even have a country, Iraq & Afghanistan. (2) The redneck made it perfectly clear thru diplomatic channels he would no longer tolerate governments that repress their population and end up fostering hatred and frustration that ends up being directed at the US.
Israel has been told under the same circumstances that the US would no longer tolerate the repression of the Palestinian people or they would loose financial and military backing. The Jews didn't just wake up one morning and decide to change their ways. The death of Arafat was excellent political cover to make peace with the people of Palestine.
Then there is the Lebaneese people. They are all armed to the teeth and do not trust each other enough to make Democracy work although they all want exactly the same things in life. Lebanon could have peace with it's neighbors, Israel included, if it is allowed to do so.
That brings us to the Syrian/Iranian situation. There is no diplomatic solution for these 2 countries to work out their differences with their neighbors and their own people. Power is not something easily given up. It will be taken by force.
The Mutual Defense Treaty between Syria and Iran is viewed by the Redneck as the Mutual Destruction Treaty. The President no longer needs to use the "Nuclear Non-Proliferation" argument for political cover to invade Iran. The Iranians have given him the only excuse he needs by signing the treaty. Therefore, 1559 becomes all the political cover the Redneck needs to effect regime change in both Syria and Iran.
Syria couldn't comply with 1559 by the May elections no matter how hard they tried. Leaving Lebanon is the easy part, disarming all the factions is what is impossible to do by May.
The World is going to be a completely different place next year regardless of what anyone thinks. No Country or group of countries can stop the Redneck militarily and as far as he is concerned, diplomacy ended on the morning of September 11, 2001. The Middle-East will become democratized regardless of opposition to those changes. There is no substitute for brute force, unfortunately the only language much of the Middle-East understands and respects.
Change might be possible without military intervention but it can't happen before May. That is the drop dead date when the steel starts flying.
Go to the beach in Lebanon and look at those really big boats off the coast. They are US warships including 2 aircraft carriers. They are not there for show or political posturing. Too bad the world doesn't understand the term Redneck. They surely will at the end of the summer.

MR Kerwick,
Your comments are right on the mark. Besides I beleive that Americans also love to fight and just need a reason. I am shure another well thought out attack should drive them right over the edge.Hey if we can just get them to attack China this could all be a mute point.The muslim extremest I believe will suceed in their quest and become marters. What a shame too, such rich cultures with many misterys to the beginings of civilization in the hands of people afraid of womem.
Just my opinions of course

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