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Wednesday, February 23, 2005 

Letter to America

Before February 14th 2005, did you know who Rafiq al-Hariri was?

The US (via France) have threatened to impose sanctions on Syria, and have called for a 'Free Lebanon'. But if that's the case, why is France harbouring terrorists like Michel Aoun?

The US is counting down the days until May. They've said the elections will only be valid if Syria withdraws. By those standards I guess the Iraqi election was also illegitimate.

Syria can only gain by withdrawing. The Lebanese thorn is getting deeper and costing Syria more than just the lives of its peacekeeping soldiers.

(Sorry for this post: too much editorial, not much news!)

I like both your news and editorials.

Here in Australia there is an almost total silence about the Lebannese situation.

A few hours after Hariri's assasination we were bombarded with news that Syria is the number one suspect. This "mawal" موال lasted for a few more days and then news from Lebannon suddenly dried up.

These days I hear nothing in the mainstream media about the ugly anti-Syrian demonstrations, or the escalating international threats against Syria, or the political talks in Lebanon.

sasa can I post in arabic? I tried a word in this comment.

Hi Amr thanks for your comment. Yes you can post in Arabic (I can see mawal in Arabic so it seems to work) but other people might not understand it.

One of the reasons I started this blog was the complete lack of knowledge of Syria and Lebanon. Some people I met didn't even know where Syria is! They didn't know it is even a country!

I'll be happy if my news gets to Westerners, Arabs and people living in the West who come from Arab descent.

And that's why I want to ask about you Amr. I know there are a lot of Lebanese living in Australia, so am I right in thinking you are too? Do you feel much connection to Lebanon? Have you visited there? Are your friends Lebanese?

Hi sasa,
As you said there are alot of Lebannese here. In fact they form the majority of the Arab community.

Yesterday they had an anti-Syrian demonstration in the city center. Yes even here.

I am happy to answer your other questions. Just email me from my website.

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