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Tuesday, February 22, 2005 

Lebanon demonstrates

The Lebanese have demonstrated - from the Corniche, to the Saahat an-Najam. It was heart-warming, despite the fact that I disagree with their anti-Syrian anger.

That Arabs can march in Arab streets in an opposition rally.

That Muslims and Christians are marching side-by-side, many holding banners with the Cross and the Cresent.

That the people of Lebanon can call for the killers of the man who rebuilt their country - Rafiq al-Hariri - to be brought to justice.

Nice blog ... I love Ashrafiyeh :) oh and Damascus ...missing the place already...all the best


Maybe you were not watching the same demos, but they were chanting obscene stuff at the syrians and Bashar Assad...

I was watching the Almustaqbal TV, and there was people were holding Basheer Aljumail photos, as if he was pillar of democracy and freedom in lebanon.. This thug who bears responsibilty for civil war, and was an A class criminal, while you go to the unknown solider monument in Damascus, and see raws upon raws of syrian soldiers/officers headstones who died in Lebanon to bring peace to the ungrateful people... very ironic...

I wish that Syria does pull out...so those people can kill themselves again...and this time not even one drop of syrian should be spilt to save those cowards.


Yes I saw that, I was quite disgusted. All we need now is for the Aoun's and Jumail's to get their filthy hands on Lebanon again. All I'm saying is that it's good that Lebanon is united at least. I agree, it is better for Syria to leave, ya haram. And I agree with Ayman's words on his blog yesterday damascene.blogspot.com

Thanks H. When were you in Damascus? Where are you from. thanks for the comment!

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